The Little Girl Before She Sleeps

I rest my mind to fall asleep
Grateful for another day
I count my blessings for the week
And pray for love to stay;
I lie sleepy on my clean sheets
My little head on my pillow
I toss my blanket for a minute
And then it’s got me covered;
Tonight I slowly close my eyes
To wander far and wide
And then I’ll cast my fears aside
To God from up above.

The Blues

All skies dark and gray
Heart cold and frail
Much too late for the sunrise
Hope has died
Love has failed;
All dreams turned to ashes
Glitter buried in the grave
Smiles forsaken to appear
On the sweet face
Wearing a frown;
When will sadness go away?
Will it be here to stay?
If today won’t be okay,
In God’s arms,
I cry and pray.

Under The Trance Of Passion



Sunrise beckons
Birds fly in sweet chirping
Clouds are white and sky inviting
Clear morning dew awaits;
Blood rushing with excitement
Beating heart filled with glee
The body now arises
Refreshed, renewed,
Determined to triumph
Over battles and pain;
Of love overflowing
Of energy surging
The fire still burns.


Hi, a pleasant day to you! I am happy that you are able to find your way to my poetry blog! And I would just like to say that this blog is new so I haven’t really updated the About Me page yet, as well as organize my page layout. Do come back each day for updates! Hope to see you around! Take care! 🙂

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